Full Show – MUST SEE: Security Footage Shows FBI / CNN’s Coordinated Criminal Raid On Roger Stone – 02/08/2019
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Published on Feb 09, 2019
Someone inside the Senate or House intelligence committee leaked the surveillance footage of the FBI’s pre-dawn raid of Roger Stone’s home. Stone’s lawyers have no idea why the footage was given to a major broadcasting group and fear its release could jeopardize his Saturday hearing that may result in a gag order being placed on him. Also, fatal stabbings have reached a record high in the UK while local police actively waste resources investigating offensive tweets. Joining Alex Jones on today’s show is trend forecaster Gerald Celente revealing the best financial options for Americans concerned about the future. Furthermore, Roger Stone delivers a world exclusive on the leaked raid footage as well an official statement on his Saturday hearing. Dr. Nick Begich hosts the final hour.
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