Google's Nest Hack Allows Anyone Into Your Home
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Published on Feb 21, 2019
Sundar Pichai, CEO of google, one of many anti American Silicon Valley cohorts subverting our Republic, recently spun this deception during a hearing on Capitol Hill. An independent study by search engine DuckDuckGo revealed that Google has The wherewithal to socially engineer political bias bubbles via its search engine as The Business Insider reported “The study, among other things, found that participants saw vast differences in search results when searching for the same keywords (like "gun control" or "immigration") from different locations across the country. That stranglehold on information could have far reaching effects as the 2020 Presidential election draws near. Inadvertently responding to this revelation by whitehat hackers concerning the Microphones in their Nest cameras. Google responded as Business Insider Reports “In early February, Google announced that its home security and alarm system Nest Secure would be getting an update - users would now be able to use Google Assistant on their devices. The problem - users didn't know a microphone even existed on their Nest Secure devices to begin with. The existence of the microphone was never disclosed in any of the product material. Face it. We are currently ruled over by a lawless Silicon Valley apparatus supported by a DOD circumventing our God Given rights on our own taxpaying dime. Socialist candidates linger on the horizon of the 2020 Presidential election because it is the only government that can coexist with the full blown surveillance state.