Joe Biden's Campaign Of Hypocrisy
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Published on Jun 15, 2019
If you have been living under a rock. Then Joe Biden is your man. When Biden isn’t hocking his economic vision for America Ike a used car salesman. Sleepy Joe Biden’s campaign is a full blown TDS troll fest. At the heart of his rhetoric. The long standing hoax that Trump was referring to white supremacists when he spoke of fine people on both sides. Can we lay this lie to rest? Speaking of half of the story. Biden calls out the Trump Administration for overseeing the ripping of families apart that have illegally crossed the border. Yet doesn’t mention that a growing percentage of those families are fraudulent. As Biden appeals to bleeding hearts using a deceptive master narrative, Children are being trafficked as a one way ticket to enter the U.S. While undocumented women on both sides of the border are endlessly raped as The Democrats turn a blind eye. Biden appears to be reverberating from the echo chamber of the loathsome Democratic broken record. From embarrasments like Ohio Representative Ms. Fudge for example And as we go forward. Obama still won’t throw his full support behind creepy Joe. But in true troll fashion. Biden made the press abundantly aware that he attended Sasha Obama’s graduation. Doing whatever it takes to attach the long dead Obama vibe close to his zombie walk of a campaign.