23Aug19 Tourist Babies, H.O.T.C.A.R.S., Is Epstein Dead or Alive
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Published on Aug 23, 2019
Anchor babies (call them tourist babies) are being talked about by Trump. Here why he’s right. But he’s pushing a dangerous, very expensive drug for “suicidal” veterans through the VA and AG Barr who loves RedFlagLaws, defended pro bono the FBI sniper who executed Randy Weaver wife at Ruby Ridge. Then, Eric Peters (EPAutos.com) on red hot lies about H.O.T.C.A.R.S. legislations, John Kiriakou (JohnKiriakou.com) on who Epstein worked for and whether he thinks he’s dead or alive, and Richard Proctor (BathroomEconomics.com) on how we’ve lost due process (CPS, Civil Asset Forfeiture, RedFlagLaws) and how we get it back