16Oct19 California Puts Illegals on Govt Boards
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Published on Oct 16, 2019
*00:00:00 California’s Gov Newsom goes where Gov Moonbeam refuses — signs bill to allow foreign citizens criminally trespassing, to be put on governing boards of the state *00:13:50 Hooligan Castro flips narrative, claims protecting Kurds is national security but an open American border is terrorism as ISIS terrorists rat line thru border is documented *00:22:38 Pat Buchanan & Rand Paul make the case that Trump’s Syrian policy is a turning point for peace & stability, ending regime change *00:47:52 AC action figure on Kickstarter; get the whole Social Justice League *00:50:08 Supreme Court says its OK for teacher to fail Christian for not parroting Islamic conversion prayer *00:56:00 Fauxcahontas’ radical LGBT agenda *01:46:08 CNN & NYT smear Tulsi, she eviscerates them on endless wars & regime change
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