17Oct19 Biden Gaffe: Did He Blabber an Assassination Plan?
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Published on Oct 17, 2019
*00:08:11 #Biden17Slip - besides the half dozen gaffes, there was another one that trended — why did he say Trump needed to be “removed from office on the 17th”? *00:13:26 Elon Musk gets $5M to tell his SpaceX employees not to use drugs the federal govt says are illegal (like the marijuana he smoked on-air), but others are locked up for months, nearly years, for having powdered milk (cops said it was cocaine) or honey (cops said it was meth) *00:30:59 Trump’s Acting Director of Immigration says at least 22M illegals & anchor baby fiction can be ended by executive order *00:45:35 Twitter followers mock AOC doll *00:50:20 Venezuela implements Democrat’s economic program *01:27:53 Gerald Celente, TrendsResearch.com, on war & peace in the middle east, gold & what you can do to prepare for the coming Greater Depression *01:27:53 UBI — the favorite plan of billionaire tech-plutocrats to control YOU *01:54:41 Trump just moved to protect the tech tyrants censoring free speech — and extend protection of their censorship internationally
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