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Published on Dec 06, 2019
Desc: Topic index by timecode hour:min:sec *00:13:49 A Virginia LEO officer talks about the polarization & the danger of civil war as Democrats push gun prohibition & Red Flag confiscation from Washington state to Virginia *00:41:39 Matt Gaetz: any ‘witness’ who witnesses anything please raise your hand *00:46:18 the Democrats’ smears and connections to Ukrainian corruption *00:55:33 Turley vs Napalitano vs Jefferson — which branch of federal govt is superior? (Trick question) *01:03:57 Birth control pills are shrinking woman’s brains (hypothalamus) and lies they tell you about human genetic manipulation, DNA & CRISPR *01:23:22 Matt Shea, VoteShea.com, joins as he has become the subject of a Star Chamber secret persecution by the Democrat House in Washington State and public vilification & slander by international media because he defends liberty, the Christian foundation of our Constitution and exposed the crimes of the federal government in the Bundy standoff.
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