Cassandra Anderson

October 7, 2009

The world is immersed in a dark bureaucratic nightmare, while lulled by the dream of a green sustainable future. This can be best illustrated by the Hegelian Dialectic, when simplified, is described as Problem > Reaction > Solution, wherein a Problem is created with an ulterior motive, a Reaction is provoked as a result of the Problem, and a predetermined Solution is then implemented. In the case of the California drought, the federal government created the Problem by cutting off water to farmlands, which has led to water shortages, dying farms and rampant unemployment. Now that a crisis has been established, people are beginning the Reaction phase, and looking for the Solution.

The California man made drought, which affects the American food supply, was caused by the federal government enforcing the Endangered Species Act, which has a rich history of robbing landowners of their rights.

The predetermined Solution appears to be building the Peripheral Canal, which would collect water from the Sacramento River, instead of the Bay Delta, home of the ‘threatened’ smelt and salmon, thus bypassing the Delta. As the Reaction blooms, attention will be focused on the exterior drama instead of the convoluted hidden liaisons of the power elite, and the ultimate goal of control over water and food resources.

The plot line of the big picture is to implement Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, and it’s not just happening in California; you can see it in your own community!

The California man made drought,which affects the American food supply, was caused by the federal government enforcing the Endangered Species Act, which has a rich history of robbing landowners of their rights. A closer look is warranted at the parties involved.

The lead Plaintiff in the water cut off is the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a false environmental agency, with an $ 87 million dollar budget, funded by the Ford Foundation, which is infamous for their affiliation with eugenics during WWII. The NRDC is operating against freedom and toward control of the masses as evidenced by their website; the legislative bills that visitors are encouraged to support include the Clean Water Restoration Act, which could federalize all water and the Law of Sea Treaty which would hand over unprecedented power to the United Nations on American marine waterways. Further, the NRDC works with the UN World Bank, which is notorious for water privatization (1). The NRDC is a proud member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The IUCN was created by the UN (Sir Julian Huxley of UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to provide a more scientific base), advises the UN and develops treaties. The IUCN is active in identifying endangered species and one of their members include the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which is the agency that has the power to list endangered species. The IUCN frequently collaborates with the UN World Bank.

Laurance Rockefeller is named on the Board of Trustees of the NRDC. His family and the tax exempt Rockefeller Foundation have created and financed countless UN agencies and programs. The Rockefeller Foundation has gifted grants to the UN Population Council, which has its roots in eugenics, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the UN World Bank. Read the transcript from Senator Norm Dodds’ interview with G. Edward Griffin for more information on the traitorous Rockefeller and Ford Foundations (

The Robert Redford Building houses the NRDC office in Los Angeles, and he is on the NRDC Board of Trustees. Robert Redford incessantly promotes man made global warming (which is based on corrupt science from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control), as well as Sustainable Development which, through the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment report, advocates erasing humans from 50% of the landscape and massive depopulation. Further, he is on the Global Council on Awakening Arts and Entertainment, which is closely related to the Club of Budapest, a branch of the Club of Rome, an organization famous for writing that they would use pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages and famine to unite them, and then named humanity as the enemy (2).

The Solution supported for this manufactured crisis is the Peripheral Canal. The ‘scientific’ report for the Peripheral Canal was funded by Sephen Bechtel and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation (3)


The Bechtel Corporation is well known for privatizing a major water source in poverty stricken Bolivia after it had defaulted on a World Bank loan, and then they reportedly raised the water utility rates by over 50%. You can read a long history of their crimes and shoddy workmanship here ( Interestingly, Stephen Bechtel served on the Board of Trustees for the Ford Foundation from 1961- 1970!

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the other sponsor of the Peripheral Canal Report, has ties with the Rockefeller Foundation’s eugenics movement and funded their Population Council, as did the Ford Foundation (4).

Arnold Schwrzenegger enthusiastically endorses the Peripheral Canal Solution; it is interesting to note that he has received $ 190,000 dollars in campaign contributions from Bechtel and $ 346,000 dollars from Hewlett Packard. Astonishingly, he has accepted over $ 129 million dollars in ‘donations’, with almost $ 5 million dollars from agriculture and farming and over $ 20 million from real estate, development and construction. He has been quoted as saying, "Any of those kinds of real, big, powerful special interests, if you take any money from them, you will owe them something" (5).

Arnold also entered into a Public Private Partnership (PPP) deal with the Northern Sierra Partnership to ‘preserve’ over 25 million acres of land that provides 60% of California’s water. The David and Lucile Packard Foundation gifted $ 10 million dollars toward this project. PPP’s are a tool of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development to control land use and water rights (6). Read this excellent article by Tom DeWeese for more details (

Arnold does have the power, as Governor, with the State Legislators, to assert the 10th Amendment to eradicate federal intervention (as there is no provision in the Constitution for federal oversight of wildlife), to declare sovereignty and State ownership of the land and water, to reassess water usage allotment (48% is taken by the federal government for the environment), to keep the pumps running and to repair the entire water infrastructure of the State! Will he and the State Legislators do the right thing…..Or will he let the federal government control the water, food and people? Will he build the Peripheral Canal (at an estimated cost of $10 – $ 50 billion dollars) and allow it to be privatized by Bechtel? Or the Wold Bank? Or will he allow the federal government to finance it, from fiat money, and then take total control over it like they did with the CE Jones water pump?

The other zealous supporter of the Peripheral Canal is Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is in favor of allowing the Department of Interior to lead the State on the drought issue, which is ironic as the Department of Interior caused the drought, and it is a conflict of interest because they are being sued for the biological opinions that they provided. Watch this video and see her admit to not understanding what is going on (

Feinstein is currently involved in turning more state land and resources over to the federal government by declaring a lake area in the Mojave desert into a National Monument from which no resources (like water) shall be extracted. The Wildlands Conservancy bought the acreage for $ 40 million dollars (6).

Interdependency of nations is on a fast track with our food and water supply. How long will we ignore Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and contribute to our own demise?

Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is a complicated, bureaucratic program by design! With a clearer understanding of what it looks like, it is easy to spot all around you. Watch this video with Michael Shaw to learn how to get rid of it in your State: .







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