Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence illustrated the strength of the Donald Trump campaign Tuesday when he gave a speech in Virginia in the middle of the pouring rain.

Nearly 700 supporters gathered at the Capitol in Colonial Williamsburg to hear the Indiana governor’s half hour long speech, given almost entirely in the rain.

“Thanks for being out on what we call a ‘moist evening,’” Pence told the crowd. “But you know where I come from in the Hoosier state, rain is a good thing. And tonight we’re showing the media and showing the world this is a movement that is going to elect Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.”

By the end of the speech, Pence, rally attendees and reporters were drenched.

The media was absolutely beside themselves with awe.

Afterwards, Pence spoke with reporters on his campaign plane and showed them his rain-soaked speech notes:

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton prepares for a four-day break after a rally today in Orlando, Florida, following several rough weeks over which concerns over the Democrat nominee’s health have compounded.

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump even hit back at the former First Lady’s campaign break, advising her to “sleep well” and get plenty of rest ahead of next week’s debate.

H/T: Kristinn Taylor

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