July 17, 2009

[efoods]Area law enforcement usually can handle the toughest situations they face.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t times that they need a little more help.

The Emergency Police helps assist the Wausau Police Department during times that require more personnel.

Dwayne Dachel, a Patrol Captain with the Wausau Police Department says such duties include traffic control for parade routes and crowd control for special events like the fair.

They also assist police by protecting big crime scenes.

“Anything we need a lot of assistance for, we don’t have the officers, we don’t have the capability, ” said Dachel. “[They] All volunteer, they don’t get paid anything but they put in a tremendous amount of hours.”

If you would like to become an emergency police officer. You can can pick up an application at the Wausau Police Department front desk.

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