Jonathan Elinoff | August 15, 2008

At it again trying to show everyone the tyrannical government oppression, We Are Change Colorado exposes the detention camps built for the DNC protesters. We Are Change members attempted to go into the camp to get exclusive footage and talk to the guards but were strictly warned to stay away. They did manage to get some footage of the camp and detail some new information about its location and description.

Apparently this is all being kept a secret facility, until now. We Are Change Colorado showed up at 3833 Steele St in Denver to get a glimpse of the draconian concentration camp style facility that has been designed to hold civilians during mass arrests. The place has virtually no bathrooms and one giant air conditioner.

Located right next to the facility is a large LZ (landing zone) for helicopters to land andload or unload their cargo. Also located between the warehouses are the railroad tracks. Like something out of a movie, this facility looks like a flash from the past as if Nazi Germany or the Japanese Internment camps. Political prisoners have always been discussed throughout history, but in the United States? It is becoming more and more like the playground of the New World Order Crazies.

Here is the exclusive footage from We Are Change Colorado:

Truth Rising 9/11 Chronicles Part One: Truth Rising
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