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June 13, 2008

This is my recollection, to the best of my ability to remember, of what exactly went on the 11th of June, as We Are Change Colorado did a street action and were handing out free DVD copies of Loose Change: Final Cut, 9/11: Mysteries, and Terrorstorm on the 16th st. mall in downtown Denver.

Anyone who can help or would like to give counsel or represent me feel free to contact me (Rob) through our group email address: [email protected]

Here’s the first video from the main camera (there will be more video and/or audio available soon as well). Sorry about the terrible audio but that’s what we have. We’ll be working to clean it up and get even more out of it soon.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

We were engaging in our constitutionally protected right of freedom of speech by handing out flyers and FREE DVDs to the public. We were not stopping people or getting in their way or yelling or harassing or anything like that. We always strive to be polite and friendly and if folks aren’t interested in our info, we thank them and wish them a good day.

As I was giving a DVD to an interested person, this officer who gave me the ticket (I can’t quite make out his name) came up to me and told me that what we were doing was “peddling” and that we would all have to stop immediately. I said “I thought peddling was selling stuff” in an earnest question and inquiry into the law. I was not rude about it. He did not like being challenged and said again that we were peddling. I made it clear to him several times that we were not selling anything, but giving away the information for free. I asked him if he would be willing to say that we were peddling on tape and he told me he would not. I again asked him the question and he had had enough and told me to put my hands behind my back. I said “I’m being arrested?” and they slapped the cuffs on me. After he cuffed me and pulled me to the side off of the mall property. I have since researched the Denver Code 47-35:(Peddlers license required) and found that it does in fact apply only to people who are vendors or are selling things, as I thought.

He then proceeded to write me out a ticket as several more officers pulled up, probably about a dozen or so in total. We asked them about peddling and they kept telling me to “be quiet” “let it go” and “we’re not talking to you. They all avoided directly answering my questions about the nature of “peddling”. Eventually some of them told us that the mall was private property of the Denver Business Partnership, and not public property.

The video gets some of this exchange as you will see. They clearly tell us that the mall is private property and therefore we do not have free speech there, and we can’t do our stuff there without the permission of the DBP. Talking to several officers, including their supervisor, they were not
unified in their assertion that the mall was private property. The supervisor said it was public property and I pointed this out that I was getting two different stories from the various officers. Later I talked to both independent security and RTD security who informed me that the mall was indeed public property of the City and County of Denver.

I told these officers that I was very sad about the state of our country and reminded them several times about how they all swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. After the third time I said this one officer said “Well, you guys have a loose interpretation of the Constitution”. So now Free Speech is a “loose interpretation” of the Constitution?

The officer puts the ticket in my pocket and we continued our dialogue. Then this mall security lady for the Denver Pavilions walks up and starts talking with the two officers who were ticketing me.

So this needs some explanation. We had encountered this woman before when she came up and let us know that we could not lean our signs and things against the building because it was Denver Pavilions property out to about a foot and a half (there is a change in the color of the sidewalk here).

Not wanting any trouble we moved our stuff out into the mall property but, still out of the way of pedestrians as best as possible. This seemed to satisfy this lady and she continued on her way.
The officers then talked for a bit privately with this lady and then the officer who ticketed me says “Let me see that ticket”. I handed it back to him and asked why and he said that I was getting charged with trespassing because the lady in question said she had told me to leave before. This was a blatant and complete and total lie. I said “That’s a lie! You are bearing false witness against me!” and she just looked at the ground, shame faced. I am convinced that the cops talked her into saying this so they couldn’t be questioned about why they had handcuffed me over a peddling ticket, and to get another charge on me as further leverage. I just now realized that the ticket has a complainant and I think that this security guard lady and that it was added after I handed the ticket back to the cop. Is that legal? There was no one that I know of complaining about our actions in the street except the officer who told us to stop “peddling”.

At one point the officer’s partner said to me “So, are you going to be down here during the DNC?” He sounded angry and it seemed to me that he was clearly inferring that we would be down there starting trouble. I made clear to him that we were a completely peaceful and non-violent organization based on the principles of Gandhi and that we had been warning about the possibility of staged violence at the DNC by protesters or provocateurs posing as protesters.

We are really concerned that any violence by anybody will be used as a convenient excuse to further destroy all of our civil rights and also to mace, sound-cannon, or microwave gun us and all the other peaceful protesters who only want to use their God-given unalienable rights as outlined in the Constitution and guaranteed by those who swear an oath to defend it.

We only want our First amendment rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, for all, including those we don’t agree with, because if anybody does not have Free Speech, then nobody does. The founding fathers were very clear on this. Once you can take Free Speech from the “undesirables”, it sets the precedent for all the rest.

I’ve got about 6-10 witnesses from our organization as well as several passers by that can help to back up what I have said here. The officer who told me to desist clearly does not like our message of 9/11 Truth and I can’t say I blame him. I didn’t like it when I heard it either. These things we have been inspired to share and reveal are disconcerting and scary to say the least. But even there is the smallest chance that they are true (and I, for one, among millions, am completely convinced that they are) then it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that this be investigated and brought into the public eye so that there can be a real debate instead of the steady stream of documented government propaganda and lies that is sold to us by our complicit mainstream media.

I believe that this action was designed as a mechanism to chill free speech and as a ramp up to the DNC, and I believe that the cops have been told to start cracking down on those who don’t toe the party line as given by the federal government, or who are loudly expressing dissenting views, though I cannot prove that.

I’m scared.

If our Free Speech goes then full scale tyranny will follow soon after. It always does. WeAreChangeColorado would like to state for the record that we do not want to be the enemies of the police, we want to dialogue with you and work together and we are always willing to debate with you logically and reasonably on the documented facts about what actually happened on the day of September 11th, 2001. We are willing to provide FREE DVDs to any and all police and military who would like to investigate this matter for themselves, and make up their own minds as to its veracity. If you can prove us wrong then we want to hear about it. Though there are a lot of unanswered questions, and we want real answers to them. We want to educate you and others about the very real Global Cartel of the Elite and Ultra-powerful banking institutions and mega-corporations that is known by many names, but we like to call it the “New World Order”(So do George Bush, Kissinger, Clinton, and Brown, among others). We do not get paid for this service. We are all volunteers who simply are trying to get the word out to the people to wake them up to this growing danger out of a sense of true patriotism, and authentic concern for the people and the ideals of this country and the world, and a fierce devotion to Truth, Justice, Love, and Freedom.

Here is the website for the Denver Police department in case you’d like to contact them and politely let them know that you’ll be watching them in the future in the hopes that they will live up to the oath they all swore, to “Uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.


Also, you might very respectfully contact the Denver ACLU and encourage them to take our case.

Thanks for your consideration and your support,
Rob at WeAreChangeColorado

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