May 11, 2008

Asked by We Are Change on Mother’s Day if she’d repeal Bush’s Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act, Clinton said yes.

She did stand to oppose the Military Commissions Act, noting “serious implications for our national security interests abroad, the rights of Americans at home, our reputation in the world and the safety of our troops” if enacted.

However, she refused to sign the American Freedom Agenda’s pledge to end the use of military commissions to prosecute war crimes, restore habeas corpus, end torture of abductees, end domestic wiretapping without a warrant, and end presidential signing statements. The American Freedom Agenda, established in March 2007, represents disaffected conservatives who are demanding the Republican Party return to its traditional mistrust of concentrated government power. Moreover, Clinton is apparently not interested in Senate bill 576, which would repeal portions of the Military Commissions Act.

As for the Patriot Act, Clinton was onboard four square when it was introduced and passed into law in 2001. She reaffirmed her support for the destruction of the Constitution, in particular the Fourth Amendment, in 2006 when she voted to renew the draconian act. It should be remembered she also voted to kill one million plus Iraqis, although Change did not have a chance to ask her about that.

Of course, if elected, Clinton will not move to repeal the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions act. Because these are cumulative tools put into place by our rulers, who will eventually whip up another crisis and declare martial law. Clinton will need to nullify the Fourth Amendment rights of all Americans, that is if Bush does not beat her to the punch before January, 2009, so leaving this legislation in place will be required.

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