| March 21, 2008


Members of We Are Change Colorado confronted a Denver advisory board for water about the ill health effects of fluoride, a known nero-toxin, as well as other related information, including the work of propagandist Edward Bernays to add it to the nation's water supply (his work also spurned approval for lead and asbestos usage).

The group gave a presentation filled with objective information and convincing arguments... and standing up for the nation's health in their actions.

"No one's warning us not to drink the water, but they warn us not to ingest the toothpaste that has the same about of fluoride," one member of Change argued.

The problems with public water supplies are well established-- for instance a recent controversy has arisen from an AP report that some 40% of the nation's water contains significant amounts of pharmaceutical drugs and other dangerous elements.

A detailed account of the meeting is posted here, but overall the board was quite sympathetic-- apparently pleasantly surprised that anyone from the public had bothered to show up. That's because it's made up of volunteers:


The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) of Denver Water is a 10-member volunteer committee whose function is to advise water department staff and commissioners on issues while encouraging and coordinating public participation in the water department's policy making process.

One board member stated her agreement about fluoride concerns. "I'm getting to a point where I don't know why we're not looking at this." She proposed a full presentation on that issue as well as future action.

A We Are Change chapter in Ohio previously started a campaign calling for grocery giant Kroger to stop carrying fluoride-enhanced baby water 'Nursery'.

These groups have helped point out that government officials are aware of the health risks posed by fluoride, yet it remains in the water supplies of most of the nation's cities. Several European nations have now banned its use in water. Here are some of the hopeful statements from U.S. officials:


"Over the past ten years a large body of peer-reviewed science has raised concerns that fluoride may present unreasonable health risks, particularly among children, at levels routinely added to tap water in American cities."

"In summary, we hold that fluoridation is an unreasonable risk."

"Carefully conducted studies of exposure to fluoride and emerging health parameters of interest (e.g., endocrine effects and brain function) should be performed in populations in the United States exposed to various concentrations of fluoride."



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