We Are Change
June 12, 2008

DJ Ball, Tosh Suo and other members of WeAreChange Vancouver were at an event featuring Colin Powell. As soon as they questioned Powell on DU (Delepted Uranium) and war crimes they were escorted out of the venue. As they were escorted out of the venue, they saw their camera man Michael Varcellona, who they hired to document the entire protest in handcuffs outside of the venue. This camera man was not in the venue and was the only one out of the 50 protestors arrested. All he was doing was filming the whole protest.

The police stated that he will be facing potential trespassing violations. This is ludicrous because he was filming on a public sidewalk and did nothing illegal. The Canadian police will not talk to us and we haven’t been informed of the charges that Varcellona will be facing. Also, he has yet to receive his one phone call.

Please call the Vancouver Police Department

(604) 717-3321

Secondary number (604) 717-3535

Disclaimer: Please be respectful and polite when you call the Vancouver Police Department. WeAreCHANGE does not condone violence or the threat of violence. Anyone doing so violates our code of conduct and mission statement, therefore does not represent or speak for WeAreCHANGE.

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