And just like that Americans got punk’d again.

From two of the countless New Yorkers waiting in line to see The Interview:

“We are taking a stand for freedom. We want to show the world that Americans won’t be told what they can and can not see. If we want to see a movie we’ll go see a movie and make up our own minds….”

“I came to express my very strong support for the free expression of ideas.”

As Chris Rock said it.

Alas when Americans have been conned into believing it is their patriotic duty to see it, they will do just that.

Now sit back and enjoy as “North Korea’s unmatched computer geniuses” hack even more movie studios and “demand” Cutthroat Island 2, John Carter 2, Waterworld 2, the Postman 2, the Lone Ranger 2 and, of course, Police Academy 32 are likewise never released.

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