Just one day before the New Hampshire primary, voters in the Granite State received a sketchy letter in the mail attempting to embarrass them into voting in the primary. The letters have angered voters, and raised serious concerns about who is behind the mysterious mailers.  LawNewz.com dug through publically available records, and found the group is linked to a well-known DC lobbying/election law firm, which as recently as 2012 had ties to the Marco Rubio campaign.

This mailer has a New Hampshire State emblem-like graphic with the title “New Hampshire State Voter Program” on the letterhead. There is no such state-sponsored program in New Hampshire, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

The mailer, in small letters, says it was paid for by “Public Policy Matters.” A google search reveals no details about the organization. But, a search of public corporation records in the State of Virginia reveals the organization is linked to Jason Torchinsky, a partner at HoltzmanVogel Josefiak PLLC. The election law firm has offices in D.C. and Virginia, and is very well-known in the campaign finance world.

“Jason knows where the legal line lies, and he has been known to do some boundary pushing,” Paul Ryan, from the Campaign Legal Center told LawNewz.com.

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