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May 21, 2008

Last year, Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) proposed legislation that would have required the President Bush to “seek congressional authorization prior to commencing any broad military action in Iran,” but the amendment failed in the Senate. On NPR’s Fresh Air yesterday, host Terri Gross asked Webb about the bill and if he thinks “the Bush administration is considering a military strike” before Bush leaves office.

“It certainly seems that it’s on the table,” replied Webb, noting that some in the administration are pushing for it:

GROSS: You also introduced a bill that failed to require congressional approval before any military action in Iran. Do you think the Bush administration is considering a military strike against Iran before President Bush leaves office?

WEBB: Well, it certainly seems that it’s on the table. That there are people in the administration who would like to see that happen.

Yesterday, the White House aggressively pushed back against a Jerusalem Post story claiming that “Bush intends to attack Iran in the upcoming months, before the end of his term.” White House Press Secretary Dana Perino called the story “not worth the paper it’s written on.”

But conservatives close to the administration have also gotten the impression that an attack on Iran could still occur before Bush’s term ends.

In April, a day after meeting with President Bush, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said on Bill Bennett’s radio show that he didn’t think “it’s out of the question” that Bush would strike Iran before leaving office because “people are overdoing how much of a lame duck the president is.”

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