We thought we’d seen the last of third party presidential candidate Gary Johnson after his infamous “Aleppo” flub, but the former New Mexico governor has seemingly managed to outdo himself.

While arguing he would poll as well as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton if he were allowed at the debates, the Libertarian party candidate bizarrely began sticking his tongue out at the reporter interviewing him seated less than a foot away.

“It wouldn’t have anything to do with my debate performance either,” Johnson told NBC reporter Kasie Hunt. “It would just be that people would recognize that there’s another choice, and that there would be an examination of me and Bill Weld as who we are and what we’ve done and – based on that.”

Johnson next sticks his tongue out at Hunt in an effort to make his point, as the reporter flinches in disgust.

“I’m not gonna stand up there for the whole debate and not say anything and [incomprehensible].”

Johnson’s weird stunt follows an embarrassing mental lapse he suffered during an MSNBC interview in which he was unable to comment on the civil war ravaged Syrian city of “Aleppo.”

If ever there was a chance for a third party to win the election, Gary Johnson has practically done everything in his power to stop that from happening.

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