Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was caught on camera trying to shake a dog’s mouth, in one of the more bizarre happenings of the 2020 election cycle.

Footage of the former New York City mayor’s canine fiasco emerged Tuesday, showing the confused 77-year-old trying to shake hands with a dog’s mouth.

The incident occurred as the billionaire gun control advocate was meeting potential voters in Burlington, Vermont, according to a CBS News reporter.

Bloomberg was panned on social media over his awkwardness.

Bloomberg’s support has grown steadily in the past few weeks, in large part due to spending over $30 million on campaign ads in recent months.

On Tuesday, according to a Morning Consult poll, Bloomberg polled higher than former Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and just two points behind Elizabeth Warren.

Bloomberg has already spent $200M in TV ads before the first primary. How does that compare to TOTAL spending by BOTH candidates and BOTH parties in prior elections?

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