As we speak, U.S. leaders are rolling out the red carpet for one of the most ruthless and barbaric governments in the world: Saudi Arabia.

This isn’t hyperbole. I’ve written a multitude of posts on this very topic over the years as a way to demonstrate the complete and total hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy. Which is not just anti-democratic, but one of the key contributors to violence and instability around the world.

Let’s start with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. An event I witnessed in person, and which has been used as the rationale for cracking down on privacy and all sorts of other civil liberties in the subsequent decade and a half. Time to get up to speed.

I strongly suggest closely reading all of the following. This is not conspiracy theory.

The New York Post Reports – FBI is Covering Up Saudi Links to 9/11 Attack

Must Watch Video – Congressman Thomas Massie Calls for Release of Secret 9/11 Documents Upon Reading Them

Two Congressmen Push for Release of 28-Page Document Showing Saudi Involvement in 9/11

Despite public calls from several Congressmen since 2013 to release these classified pages, the Obama administration continues to refuse. Why?

Moving along. Perhaps 9/11 isn’t your thing. That’s ok, I’ve got plenty of other material.

Let’s start with: Beheadings

Need a Job? Saudi Arabia is Looking for Eight Swordsmen to Keep up with Record Beheadings

Not ISIS – Saudi Arabia Prepares to Execute and Publicly Display Beheaded Body of Political Activist in “Crucifixion”

Already 45 Beheadings in 2015 – Saudi Arabia on Pace to Easily Beat 2014’s Decapitation Level

Record Beheadings and the Mass Arrest of Christians – Is it ISIS? No it’s Saudi Arabia

Now for a general cornucopia of Humanitarian Crimes

Saudi Arabia Sentences 3 Lawyers to Jail for Tweets

Saudi Arabia Passes New Law that Declares Atheists “Terrorists”

Meet the U.S. Allies – Saudi Arabia Passes Draconian, Medieval Laws to Crush Dissent

Saudi Man Receives 3 Year Prison Sentence and 450 Lashes for Being Gay

What about general Saudi Geopolitical Power Plays and it’s Funding of ISIS

America’s Disastrous Foreign Policy – My Thoughts on Iraq

New Saudi King Unveils Internal Power Shake-up in Desperate Pivot Toward Increased Authoritarianism

How the NSA is Actively Helping Saudi Arabia to Crackdown on Dissent

So how does America receive this monarchy of mobsters which makes ISIS look like the Easter Bunny? This is how.

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON — When you’re royalty, go big or don’t go at all.

That’s at least true for Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, who touched down on U.S. soil Thursday to the sight of dozens of black luxury cars awaiting his arrival at Joint Base Andrews located just outside Washington in Prince George’s County, Md.

Wall Street Journal reporter Carol Lee snapped a photo of his epic entourage. (On a recent trip to France, Salman had a 10-vehicle motorcade, and hired an additional 400 luxury car drivers, the BBC reported.)

And his visit is huge — like “renting out the entire Four Seasons hotel and making it gold” huge.

Politico reported that the lavish hotel chain’s Georgetown location has been redecorated, rolling out enough red carpet to keep Salman and his family from ever touching the asphalt. Almost everything has a golden touch, regulars observed, from the mirrors to the hat racks — how elegant!

Just a little something to consider over the long weekend.

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