Lee Rogers
Rogue Government
July 30, 2008

It is becoming increasingly clear that we are living in a police state the likes of which Adolf Hitler would have approved of. In the past week, a couple of disturbing news stories detailing extreme police brutality has been reported. In Arkansas a young man was tasered 19 times while he was incapacitated on the ground injured with a broken back. The young man had fallen off a bridge and instead of the police helping him, they decided it was necessary to taser him multiple times despite the fact that it was obvious he couldn’t be any sort of threat. In New York City, a cowardly police officer brutally assaulted a bike rider for no reason and to add insult to injury, the police charged the bike rider with assault and other crimes. The police officers who have engaged in this behavior are cowardly pieces of trash who need to be taken away to prison. If these cops think they are so tough, we should give them the opportunity to pick fights with hardened criminals in a maximum security prison.

Below is a clip taken from a local NBC News affiliate in the Arkansas area detailing how a young man fell from a bridge, broke his back and then was tasered 19 times by the cowardly authorities while he was incapacitated on the ground.

There is simply no reason to taser somebody who is injured on the ground with a broken back. Someone who is injured on the ground with a broken back is certainly no threat to anyone. There was no reason to taser the young man once let alone 19 times as was reported. Whoever did this should be charged and put in prison immediately. The young man and his family should sue the police department and the officers that were involved in this brutal assault.

In addition to that fiasco, another cowardly police officer was caught on tape assaulting a bike rider for no reason. In the video clip, Officer Patrick Pogan assaults Christopher Long a bike rider who was merely trying to get around him by shoving him off his bike. Long could have potentially broken his neck and even died from this vicious assault by the cowardly police officer. Fortunately, Pogan has had his badge and gun stripped as a result of his actions. The following is taken from a New York post report on this situation.

A rookie cop – the son of a highly respected New York City detective – has been stripped of his badge and gun after being caught on video viciously attacking a bicyclist who was part of a Times Square demonstration. ‘

The startling YouTube video shows Officer Patrick Pogan, 22, apparently setting his sights on – and then tackling – a bicyclist as he pedaled along Seventh Avenue as part of last Friday’s controversial Critical Mass ride.

The video footage clearly shows that Pogan’s actions were unwarranted. Of course the criminal complaint drafted by Pogan does not match up at all to what happened. Pogan subsequently arrested Long for attempted assault in the third degree, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct even though the video shows that Pogan was the one that assaulted Long.

Below is another blurb from the New York Post report.

What the video doesn’t show is Pogan arresting Long for attempted assault in the third degree, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct – charges that kept the Bloomfield, NJ, man behind bars for 26 hours before his release late Saturday.

Adding insult to injury, the criminal complaint drafted by Pogan bears little resemblance to what was witnessed by onlookers and recorded on video.

In court papers, Pogan accused Long of purposely swerving his bicycle to block traffic and then using it as a weapon to run down the officer, knocking him off his feet and causing a "laceration" on his forearm. "You are pawns in the game. I’m going to have your job," Long told Pogan, as he flailed and kicked his arms and legs, according to the complaint.

Even if you believe that the Critical Mass bike ride protests are an annoyance that does not excuse Pogan’s actions. The protests were authorized by the city which makes Pogan’s actions all the more ridiculous. All charges should be dropped against Long, where as Pogan should be put in prison for assault and perhaps even an attempt on Long’s life. Such an assault could have resulted in Long’s death considering that Pogan pushed him over when he was in a defenseless position.

Of course this type of thing is becoming a regular occurrence in the United States of America. This country is gone and is being slowly turned into a 21st century version of Nazi Germany. As we see more and more of these types of news stories, it shows us that police departments around the country are being transformed into criminal enterprises. Welcome to the 21st century police state.

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