Kurt Nimmo
October 25, 2010

I don’t know why CBS insists on calling what’s happening economically in this country the “Great Recession.” It’s the Greatest Depression. It is quickly shaping up to be worse than the first Great Depression.

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At least CBS admits unemployment is not a measly 9.5 percent like the government claims. It puts it at 17%. Actually it is closer to 23% and will soon eclipse the unemployment rate during the first engineered depression.

Most people realize Obama’s “Summer of Recovery” was a cruel joke. There will not be a recovery. The plan is to turn the U.S. into yet another third-world slave labor gulag. It will take some time to wreck what was once the most productive and prosperous nation in the world. In the meantime, people need to start educating themselves. Turning off CBS and the rest of the corporate media would be an auspicious first step.

I can’t help but think all the intelligent people in the video below are spinning their wheels as they are systematically being pauperized and converted into the latest class of serfs by the banksters. I wonder how many of them will vote for Democrats, Republicans, and the trademarked Tea Party next month. Doing so will seal their fate. The political class in this country works for the international bankers and its transnational corporations. And that includes Tea Party Sarah and the RINO neocons masquerading as our “independent” saviors.

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The 99ers are about to have their homes stolen and their meager unemployment checks cut. They will be out in the street. Basically the only choice they have is to get rid of the government now selling them and their children out to a global elite that specializes in converting the planet into a slave labor plantation. Most of the world works for less than two or three dollars a day. The 99ers are about to join them if they don’t get educated fast and stop playing by the rules. It’s a rigged game. The only other choice is to be a slave.

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