While major corporations are throwing support behind Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups, the Wendy’s franchise is holding steadfast on its promotion of adoption alternatives.

In the midst of a high-stakes abortion debate currently playing out across the country, a picture of Wendy’s new cause cup went viral after it was uploaded to Instagram.

The restaurant is currently promoting its founders’ adoption foundation with cups allowing patrons to donate simply by using a Snapchat QR code.

Leftists who support abortion often argue in favor of the practice because they say it helps keep unwanted babies out of foster care. “Who’s going to adopt the unwanted babies?” is an argument frequently heard from abortionists.

But adoption as a pro-life alternative was important to Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, who was himself adopted at age six.

After establishing the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in 1992 to raise awareness of children in need of adopting, the foundation in 2004 began helping foster children find homes, successfully placing over 6,100 in adoptive homes as of 2017.

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