Riveting footage out of Oklahoma shows two liquor store clerks using firearms to fend off an armed robber.

A mother-daughter tag-team in Tulsa sprang into action Thursday when shotgun-toting Tyrone Lee attempted to rob Forest Acres Liquor.

Surveillance footage shows Lee, 36 or 37, walking into the store with a gun, threatening the two female clerks and begin looking through the cash register.

Lee begins to leave, then turns back as the women grab guns from behind the register.

One woman proceeds to open fire as Lee hovers over them.

He then tries to leave the store as one of the women continues shooting at him, then turns back again and fights with the woman.

Her daughter grabs her own gun and fires on Lee, as he attempts to wrest the firearm from the other woman.

The woman suffered non-life threatening injuries, but Lee sustained multiple shots and was transported to a hospital.

“I’m not even sure [how] he got away with his life at this point,” Sgt. Brandon Watkins told Tulsa World.

While Lee’s injuries were initially reported to be critical, police say his condition has improved and he’s now in an induced coma.

Police believe Lee is also responsible for other robberies in the area.

“We’re not going to be victims,” the women were quoted as saying.

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