Shawn Connors
July 30, 2009

According to the CIA’s World Factbook, Americas GDP for 2008 was $14.58 trillion dollars. Fox News reported The United States Government and The Federal Reserve have so far pledged & committed $23.7 trillion dollars, an amount that far exceeds the value of everything we produced in this country in 2008. Simply put, the zero oversight bailouts dwarf our U.S. Gross Domestic Product. California Representative Darryl Issa, ranking member of the oversight committee wrote “If you spent a million dollars a DAY going back to the birth of Jesus Christ, that wouldn’t come close to just $1 trillion….$23.7 trillion is a staggering figure”.

As long as Americans obey their television, elitists will pillage.

Banks, Insurance companies, Automakers, and The U.S. Post Office have benefited from your future tax extortion. Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports, “The war is costing $720 million a day or $500,000 a minute”. Combine these debacles with the 7 million lost jobs since the “recession” began, rapidly increasing inflation, stolen pension funds, more taxes, and increased homeless families from foreclosures and this roller coaster ride is just beginning. Watch for begging in the streets.

If time stopped this minute, every man, woman and child in the U.S. including unborn future generations could barely pay this debt. But time doesn’t stop and the need for tax revenue will increase beyond imagination. $24 Trillion dollars will have to be paid. You and your future generations are going to pay this debt from every conceivable corner of life. Sales taxes, Income taxes, property taxes, all taxes and every “nickel and dime” permit fee and license you can imagine will increase drastically. New taxes will be created out of thin air. HR 2454 The Cap and Trade Bill is further evidence of revenue invention. Combine this with Barry Soetoro’s advancing Healthcare Reform and you have a 3rd world country in the midst. In the near future basic needs of humanity such as food, shelter and clothing will strain our budget. It may take multiple generations under one roof to simply exist.

[efoods]Economic recovery will be prolonged because our government “sold out” American jobs via NAFTA a decade ago. Our trade imbalance is disgusting. No jobs equal no production of goods and services, which equals no money and shrinking national GDP. Lack of sales will further bankrupt brick and mortar companies resulting in more job losses. The vicious cycle is just beginning. Simultaneously, interest on our debt is mounting. Individuals lucky enough to keep employment may find themselves bringing home a significant reduction in pay. Exemptions and “write offs” will disappear. Imagine what minimum wage employees will net. Heavily armed IRS agents are on standby while mobster public officials dole out your future earnings like Halloween candy. The American people are nothing more than cattle; to be corralled, milked and slaughtered.

The Democratic and Republican mob bosses have bartered your future. Both campaign on blatant lies and summarily dismiss you the moment elected. These puppets are controlled by global elitist money masters. The Economic terrorism and enslavement is just beginning. Today, it seems the power elite are purposely bankrupting the dollar in favor of global currency. The crisis is undeniable and the propaganda media is scrambling to divert your attention away from reality. If global currency is introduced the Federal Reserve will officially report to the IMF. The American economy will be under international regulation and U.S. sovereignty will end. A Central Bank will enable total monopoly corruption. Nations will be at the mercy of one financial power group. As long as Americans obey their television, elitists will pillage. We are at the mercy of financial terrorists who list Goldman Sachs on their resume.

Nothing will relieve us from this burden of debt. Depression style unemployment, low salaries, heavy taxation, hyperinflation, demise of our currency and our sovereignty will render us slaves to a world order ruled by corrupt oligarchs. The attack on the middle class is nearly finished. Most of the population is struggling. The “haves” and the “have nots” is glaring. Sections of the United States will resemble third world poverty. Public infrastructure will continue to crumble. Tent cities continue to grow. Food pantry’s have empty shelves. FEMA camps are billed as “homeless camps”. Aggravated crime is up and the prisons are full. The United States is in replay mode of Germany’s Weimar Republic. World class Economists are pessimistic and U.S. Consumer Confidence is at a record low according to The Associated Press. If we don’t stop these crooks, who will? When will Americans act? Lack of involvement is what got us here. Gear up America…we’ve only just begun.

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