Susan Jones
June 18, 2012

( – Why did President Obama wait so long to announce a change in immigration policy — and was he right to bypass Congress in doing so? CNN’s Candy Crowly put those questions to senior White House adviser David Plouffe on Sunday.

“Let me ask you about the immigration decision that was made Friday and read you something from George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley who said the president is using executive power to do things congress has refused to do, and that does fit a disturbing pattern of expansion of executive power under President Obama,” Crowley asked Plouffe. “In many ways, he has fulfilled the dream of an imperial presidency that Richard Nixon strived for. This is a president who is now functioning as a super legislator. Why did you, a, wait this long to do this? And b, isn’t the appropriate place to make these decisions congress which passes the laws, immigration law in particular?”

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