Josh Earnest pummeled Republicans Friday during his remarks to the press, making the White House’s contempt for its opponents across the aisle abundantly clear.

Sounding more like a Democratic candidate running for office rather than a press secretary, Earnest said he was not surprised that a Donald Trump supporter accused President Obama of being a Muslim. He piled his ire on further saying “offensive views” like this, and others, “are the priorities of today’s Republican Party.”

When asked about the latest controversy surrounding Trump, Earnest replied,

“Is anybody really surprised this happened at a Donald Trump rally? I don’t think anybody who has been paying attention to Republican politics is at all surprised. The reason for that is that the people who hold these offensive views are part of Mr. Trump’s base and Mr. Trump himself would be the first to tell you that he’s got the biggest base of any Republican politician these days.”

Earnest wasn’t finished with his tirade, at least not before he had a chance to mention the Republican’s love for the Confederate flag and its alleged history with racism:

Now what’s also unfortunate is that Mr. Trump isn’t the first Republican politician to countenance these kinds of views in order to win votes. In fact, that’s precisely what every Republican presidential candidate is doing when they decline to denounce Mr. Trump’s cynical strategy, because they’re looking for those same votes. Now, other Republicans have successfully used this strategy, as well. You’ll recall that one Republican congressman told a reporter that he was David Duke without the baggage. That congressman was elected by a majority of his colleagues in the House of Representatives to the third-highest ranking position in the House.

Those same members of Congress blocked immigration reform. Those same members of Congress opposed re-authorization of The Voting Rights Act. Those same members of Congress couldn’t support a simple funding bill, because they’re eager to defend the Confederate flag. So, those are the priorities of today’s Republican party, and they’ll continue to be until somebody in the Republican party decides to summon the courage to stand up and change it.

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