Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, June 18, 2010

What If Tea Partiers Waving Gadsden Flags Had Trashed L.A.? 180610top2

Imagine if Tea Partiers waving Gadsden flags had rioted, started fights with police and trashed public property in a major American city. The corporate media would be all over the story for weeks, lecturing us all about how it was an ominous sign of the rise of an extremist fringe that threatens to destabilize America.

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However, when hordes of Los Angeles Lakers fans waving Mexican flags go drunken rampages, start fights with cops, attack motorists, start fires, and deface public property, as happened last night following the NBA Final, the press barely even takes notice. The story has received local coverage in the L.A. media, but it’s nowhere near a top story nationally. Do you think the same would be the case if anti-big government protesters had engaged in the kind of behavior seen last night?

“Crowds hurled bottles and other objects at police, smashed marquees, jumped on vehicles, broke windows, and set rubbish dumpsters and vehicles on fire along Figueroa Street north of Staples Center and on Flower Street,” reports the L.A. Times.

“Police fired non-lethal rounds to disperse the crowd at Figueroa and Venice Boulevard after several small fires were set, as well as at 11th and Hope streets. At 7th and Flower, a car believed to be a taxicab was engulfed in flames.”

Watch the clip below. Thugs waving Mexican flags and others riot while attacking public property.

Of course, the only question is why are they waving Mexican flags in America after attending an American basketball final? Do these individuals consider themselves to be Mexicans or Americans? These kind of scenes will only encourage other states to pursue similar laws to those that Arizona is attempting to enact in the face of White House lawsuits.

The clip below shows the mob setting a car on fire.

Another clip shows what appear to be Hispanic-Americans bragging about the chaos they are causing.

No matter what color you are, and let’s not forget that Hispanic-Americans and non-whites nationally are some of the strongest proponents of enforcing immigration laws, this kind of behavior should repulse everyone, especially considering the fact that these thugs are aggressively waving the flag of a foreign nation while engaging in this moronic and mindless violence.

The double standard is clear to see – if a so-called Tea Partier is so much accused of breaking a window, the corporate networks obsess over the story as if it’s some kind of Al-Qaeda terror attack, yet when thousands of drunken yobs, many of whom are waving Mexican flags, completely turn a downtown city upside down, the establishment press shrugs its shoulders.

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