So, ISIS has been accused of using chlorine gas. Secretary of State John Kerry said he could not confirm the allegations but called them “extremely serious.”

“He said chlorine can be considered a chemical weapon if it is mixed with other toxic agents.” And as he told reporters: “The use of any chemical weapon is an abhorrent act” and is “against international law.” I know this has been brought up before, but it needs to be brought up again. What is so bad about chlorine gas? Why is killing someone with a bullet or a fist or a knife so casually dismissed but killing someone with poison gas is viewed as so outrageous that the whole world needs to “do something.” And what about the greatest chemical weapon in the world–an atomic bomb. The United States government has thousands of these weapons, as do other countries. Kerry wants all countries (except of course the US) to destroy their chemical weapons. Does he want the United States to destroy its nukes?

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