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February 5, 2014

There have been many legal articles as of late relating to the law and legal processes. I have been studying what we call “The Law” for a while now, and for educational purposes only would like to present my findings to Infowars for educational purposes only and posterity’s sake. This is not legal advice, this is instruction in what I believe to be basic morality. If you want “LEGAL” advice, go see an attorney, although I don’t recommend doing anything “LEGAL.”





Legal refers to the body of statute and statutory construction within that body. Statutes apply only to those things which are TAXABLE under the jurisdiction of the entity wherein a statutory legal process is commenced. The only entities taxable by a government are those which IT GRANTS a special PRIVILEGE, TITLE, BENEFIT, or LICENSE to. LICENSES are special permissions that abrogate the common law and make legal what would otherwise be unlawful under a specific set of terms (whether for a fee, a fee and policies to be adhered to, or otherwise). Any regulations formally codified into a statute are “policies.” To enforce policies, additional statutes are created for the establishment of POLICyEnforcers (“Police”) which themselves are operating under a GRANTED TITLE and subject to all STATUTES and POLICIES of the government, thus to ensure their compliance superior officers are created within other statutes as POLICY ENFORCERS of the POLICY ENFORCERS. US CITIZEN is a title, using it requires you to pay federal income taxes. INcorporating your business into a governmental jurisdiction waives your administrative and equity rights at law to that jurisdiction, leaving you as only the trustee of your own business and responsible to abide by ALL statutes when acting through the corporation and assume criminal liability for not following those statutes when so doing. The premise of INcorporation is to be protected in an insurance Ponzi scheme against liabilities by the government. He who assumes the liability has the advantage (Bouvier’s Maxims of Law). Remember, the king can’t tax his own children, only foreigners. When you incorporate or accept a grant of title in situation where it is otherwise your birthright, you are presenting as a foreigner who requires special license to conduct yourself commercially or otherwise needs to be within legal and not lawful confines.

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