Joseph Zrnchik
Before It’s News
June 14, 2010

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After an extensive history of slaughtering American peace activists, a history that is hidden by the U.S. media, Israel now is playing poker, more specifically Blind-man’s Bluff, with a country that invented chess.

If Israel attacks a flotilla due to the enforcement of an illegal blockade against the Palestinians, and the U.N. has no authority, will, or ability to stop it, it would seem the U.N. would have little credibility or authority to stop an Iranian nuclear program that has never violated any IAEA protocols.

The Iranian problem with Iran’s nuclear program and its sending the Iranian navy into international waters towards Palestinian coastal waters is just one part of the problem. The situation becomes exponentially more complicated with the killing of Turkish peace activists. Since Turkey is a member of NATO and has the right to seek protection from the alliance, an alliance of which Israel is not a member, this begins to create a credibility problem for NATO and again proves that Israeli interests and U.S. interests have begun a sharp divergence as Israel becomes a strategic liability.

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