The shooting death of Michael Brown which prompted yet another wave of rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri has been framed by much of the media as another example of an innocent unarmed African-American being brutally murdered by a white police officer.

This narrative has been hijacked by the establishment to foment racial tension and division between blacks and whites.

There’s no doubt that blacks in America are indiscriminately targeted in acts of police brutality that occur on a regular basis. However, the Michael Brown shooting clearly does not represent such an example.

Evidence considered by the Grand Jury which led to the acquittal of Officer Darren Wilson clearly indicates that Brown, a thug who had written rap lyrics advocating violence and robbed a convenience store shortly before the incident, punched Wilson in the face, tried to grab his gun and then aggressively charged him. Evidence also points to the fact that Brown did not have his hands up in surrender when he was shot. This account is based on forensic proof – ballistics and autopsy evidence – as well as testimony from black eyewitnesses.

These facts clearly exonerate Wilson and verify his account of the incident. Michael Brown’s death was tragic, but Wilson clearly acted in legitimate self-defense.

The sad reality that such facts have been universally ignored by protesters and rioters, who have hijacked the case as an excuse to cause mayhem and justify looting, only serves to discredit legitimate opposition to the very real problem of police brutality.

Not only will conservative Americans now extrapolate this case and use it to dismiss genuine examples police brutality, but the authorities themselves will feel more justified in beefing the police state as an appropriate response to the chaotic scenes witnessed last night, which again were based on a complete misunderstanding or a wilful ignorance of the facts in the case.

Whereas the hundreds of cases of egregious police brutality directed against people of all colors every year are routinely ignored or forgotten by the mainstream media and political leaders, the race baiters only ever direct African-Americans to get excited about ambiguous or outright justifiable cases like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown.

This misdirection succeeds in fooling activists into rallying behind lost causes, while convincing the majority of Americans that people who complain about police brutality are ignorant, stupid, bias and even violent.

This is the one true narrative that the mainstream media won’t tell you about in advance of expected further unrest in Ferguson and other major American cities in the days and weeks to follow.

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