February 12, 2013

What you will see: Division, not Unity, wrapped in a facade of “Coming together to make tough choices.”

You will see (with all of the drama, pomp & circumstance of a televised awards ceremony) the president, his minions, and all of his supposed adversaries or “Faux Foes” gathered together and surrounded by lobbyists, power brokers, and invitees of the Obama administration.

Flanked by American political royalty and sure to be in awe of the opportunity to attend this event, these invitees are not there merely because of their unique stories. They are there to punctuate the president’s agenda.

In other words, they are there to be used as “Flesh Props.”

While the nation is now getting over the nightmare of the Sandy Hook saga and the community of Newtown tries to heal, the State of the Union Address will be used to appeal to the emotional side of people’s conciousness, once again ripping open the scabs & scars of the last 4 of the most sensationally covered mass shooting incidents in the U.S.

You will see the guests of no fewer than 23 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, there to provide a backdrop of faces for the cameras of all major television networks to focus in on while wars of aggression proceed to kill millions overseas…for nothing more than profit.

With the skills of a highly-trained orator, Obama will employ the cadence and intonation of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King to implore the American people to identify Second Amendment rights as the newest threat to their safety.

All the while, you will notice the president’s tilting of the head, dramatic pauses, and slow blinking designed to put the population at ease, connoting confidence with the reassuring calmness that a population yearns for from a strong, protective, and compassionate leader’s speech.

Intelligent, critically-thinking viewers such as listeners of The Alex Jones Show and Infowarriors will surely see through this mass psy-op. However, at the first ping of an emotional response, all viewers should ask themselves, “Why? Why are we obsessing over responsible citizens’ rights to own firearms (and gift them to family if desired) while the our military might claims the lives of innocents daily? Why are good Americans being on this issue while childhood and adult health disorders have massively increased in a very short time? Why are the fruits of our labors being systematically stolen by international banksters with full approval by government & Congress, leaving average Americans to scramble for survival?”

What you won’t see:

• You will see absolutely zero criticism of Big Pharmaceutical companies and their peddling of psycho-active drugs such as SSRI drugs which are found to be an integral component of nearly every mass-shooting. Instead, they may suggest more drugs, phrased as, “Better funding for mental health.”

• You will hear not one word of criticism of the Motion Picture Industry’s love affair with violence and overt glorification of shoot-outs & death.

• You will certainly not hear any concern over that fact that we’re basically training kids, with increasingly stunning virtual reality games, how to most efficiently shoot up a mass of people.

• You will not hear any meaningful dialogue citing the overwhelming proof of lower violent crime rates in areas where citizens’ rights to keep & bear arms are upheld.


They will try to divide us upon every minor fissure, crack & fault line in society.

Anything that might be perceived as a difference between you and your neighbor or anyone else will be exploited.

No one can deny that there’s a police state build-up across the nation…

Without the Second Amendment, we will soon lose the rest of the Constitution.

By then it may be too late.. The citizenry will have given up any means of effective resistance.

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