July 14, 2013

Comment: For weeks the leftist media hyped the notion that it would be racist if Zimmerman was not convicted. This prompted thousands of people to take to Twitter and threaten riots if he was acquitted. We reported on the threats to riot, and then Time Magazine said it was racist even to suggest there could be riots, even as a deluge of individuals swore to cause unrest. The media has been schizophrenic in its treatment of the case at every turn. So far there has been limited unrest and we hope that continues as protests in major cities continue tonight.

Union organizer icon Cesar Chavez is remixed with liberal campaign to destroy the Second Amendment (note text at the bottom of the poster).
Union organizer icon Cesar Chavez is remixed with liberal campaign to destroy the Second Amendment (note text at the bottom of the poster).
It’s not happening. Thousands of people outraged over the acquittal of George Zimmerman are not burning down cities. For days on end the corporate media speculated there would be violence on the scale of the 1992 Los Angeles riots following the acquittal of cops in the beating of Rodney King.

The only violence so far occurred last night in Oakland, California. “The Oakland police dispatch office said about 100 people protested, with some in the crowd breaking windows on businesses and starting small fires in the streets,” USA Today reports. “As the protest wound down with the crowd dispersing, the office said that as of 2 a.m. PDT it had no word of any arrests.”

There was “a raucous but largely peaceful” demo in San Francisco. Around 100 people tried to run through traffic in Los Angeles and 40 gathered outside the state capitol in Sacramento.

Violence went “unrealized” in the city where the trial was held, Sanford, Florida, according to NPR. In Tallahassee, Florida, around 200 demonstrators lofted signs that said “Racism is Not Dead” and “Who’s Next?” but there was no violence, property damage or confrontations with the police.

Riots usually break out within hours of verdicts, but this has not happened in the Zimmerman case. Although protests against the verdict are planned for later today, the chance of rioting and violence is remote. That’s not to say provocateurs will not do something, but the possibility of a large scale riot like the one in L.A. that took the lives of over fifty people is now less likely, even with the non-stop agitation of the liberal corporate media.

The Zimmerman trial will now be exploited by the usual suspects – political ambulance chasers like the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has a bully pulpit courtesy of MSNBC, and Jesse Jackson. It will morph into a new “civil rights” movement that will equate self-defense against violent criminals with racism. Activists, funded by the likes of George Soros and Democrat operatives, will work to merge the anti-Second Amendment movement with the new “civil rights” campaign that insists self-defense is racist and those defending their lives are vigilantes. The all-powerful NAACP, once dedicated to ending segregation and Jim Crow laws, will provide much of the impetus behind the effort to equate the natural right of self-defense to throwback neanderthal white racism.

While large scale L.A.-style riots are unlikely, the Martin-Zimmerman affair that has dominated corporate media headlines for months is not going away. It will be hammered on incessantly by the establishment media, particularity MSNBC and CNN, and will be used to sow even more dissension and political and social division in America.

The Zimmerman trial is more than simply a diversion. It is part of an ongoing long term effort to destroy what is left of the United States. A united front against the bankster and corporate dominated cartel and its agenda of a one-world totalitarian government will be virtually impossible if artificial classes are promoted and pitted against one and other by the political establishment.

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