Infowars brings you the first glimpses of our upcoming report on the unimaginable crimes of the Clintons against the nation of Haiti.

Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Michael Zimmermann traveled to the region with billionaire philanthropist and pilot Gary Heavin to uncover what’s truly happening on the Caribbean island.

A sneak peek of exclusive footage from above the coastal city of Jérémie reveals the widespread devastation left behind in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

The Infowars reporters – who assisted Heavin in flying in desperately needed food and supplies to Haiti’s most remote and hardest hit areas – were shocked to find no trace of the Clinton Foundation or the promised funds that could mean the difference between life and death.

Infowars report will reveal everything from crowds rioting in anger at the Clinton’s theft to UN helicopters refusing to take the sick and dying to hospitals only 30 minutes away.

Stay tuned to Infowars as we prepare to release a series of damning reports that will undoubtedly expose the world to the Clinton Foundation’s unfathomable evil in Haiti.

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