April 15th, or pay your tribute to the Federal Reserve Day, is now upon us – that is unless your one of the following Fortune 500 companies that aren’t paying any taxes.

According to a report in the Daily Mail entitled, “The Fortune 500 Companies That Didn’t Pay a PENNY in 2014 Income Tax Despite Being Worth Billions,” multiple companies including CBS, Mattel, Prudential Time Warner, Owens Cornin, Jet Blue, Xerox, Priceline.com and perennial Bombmaker General Electic, enjoy paying zero income tax while Americans are buried.

Some of these companies even received rebates. Thanks goodness we have Hillary Clinton going after the 1 %.

Ronald Reagan’s Grace Commission report found that one-third of all income taxes are consumed by waste and inefficiency in the federal government, and 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the federal debt.

This means the income tax is payed to the private run for profit Federal Reserve. Bow down to your overlords and pay your taxes – unless your a fortune 500 company.

Rob Dew reporting for Infowars.com and Prionplanet.tv.

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