NSA whistleblower William Binney is calling for a constitutional convention that would lead to the impeachment and prosecution of Barack Obama and everyone involved in the NSA spying scandal.

Binney, a former NSA employee with the signals intelligence agency within the DoD, told the Alex Jones Show that the mass surveillance of Americans was “destroying the foundation of this country” and that intelligence agencies were now running the government.

Binney likened the current situation to a, “Stasi-run government where the intelligence service basically determines a lot of the policy of the government and that’s what’s happening here – the intelligence community is more or less directing what the government is doing and how they do it.”

Binney said Obama and everyone involved in the NSA spying scandal should be impeached, adding, “We could do it without Washington being involved at all under article five of our constitution….have a state constitutional convention and we can write in changes to the constitution and ratify them at the same time.”

“Otherwise we ought to fire them, after all they’re the ones that got us to where we are….they should be fired,” added Binney.

Last year it emerged that lawmakers on Capitol Hill were approached as far back as 2004 and given the chance to have more oversight on NSA programs but refused to do so.

“We could have a special prosecutor appointed by the state and the people and give them the backing of the state police, the local police, as well as the National Guard in all the states so that they have the backing of the power of the state to appoint prosecutors to go after everyone in DC,” said the whistleblower.

Binney predicted that increasing awareness of the NSA’s corruption would inevitably lead to some form of uprising within the United States.

“I think there’s going to be a fundamental revolution coming because my sense is the people in America here are starting to wake up to this threat, they’re starting to realize the dangers of what’s going on,” said Binney, adding that he foresaw a grass roots revolution “to push these people to do the right thing.”

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