Whistleblower Zach Vorhies explains how Google turns a blind eye to third-parties who exploit flaws in the company’s spam filtering system to shut down targeted people and websites.

“There are vulnerabilities that Google is allowing third-parties to exploit in order to take down targets they want to take out,” said Vorhies. “The data is clear how there is a gamification of the system by automated systems that other people are using to control.”

Vorhies details how the operation is designed so Google can use plausible deniability to protect itself.

“All that data is being treated as a trade secret, so because it can’t be audited and there is plausible deniability of calling anybody who [calls it out] a conspiracy theorist.”

“The system is not being broken by accident, it’s being broken purposely.”

For example, Vorhies breaks down how Google overlooks how “malicious third-parties” systematically target anyone of its choosing by exploiting known flaws.

In this case, he explains how it was done to Canadian speaker Jordan Peterson.

“There’s a group of people and what they do is get the target’s address – I’m not going to say Jordan’s email address on air – let’s just say his email address is ‘xyz,’” said Vorhies. “And so, this third-party will change one of the letters, so instead of ‘xyz’ it would be ‘[email protected]’”

“They repeat this process and create a network of spam accounts that then push out spam to other users, and this triggers the AI system to flag the spam accounts to bring them down but surprisingly it also brings down the original person’s account.”

“So the original person goes dark – the account goes down – Google tells them the account is down due to ‘suspicious activity’ and then the [victim] has no way of having any recourse because Google’s not going to share their information, they’re hiding it.”

Vorhies continued by saying people on the inside see all this activity as it’s happening and Google has never addressed the exploit.

“It’s something that needs to be investigated,” continued Vorhies. “In fact, I think that Google is purposely leaving this vulnerability just so they can claim plausible deniability and say ‘it wasn’t us.’”

“[Google] is technically not taking the victims down, it’s the malicious third-parties taking it down.”

Whistleblower: Google Broke Search Engine On Purpose, Built Back Doors To Secretly Control All Information

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