A former Google employee who’s gone public exposing the tech giant’s algorithmic censorship says there’s a secret “patriot network” within the company aware of the political bias, but too afraid to do anything about it.

Speaking to Infowars, Google insider Zach Vorhies described a network of employees, even in the company’s upper echelons, who understand censorship is taking place.

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“So there’s this weird culture in google – they’re trying to install this monoculture,” the one-time senior software engineer told Owen Shroyer. “And yes, there are people, there’s kind of a ‘patriot network’ inside of Google, but they’re afraid to come out. And some of that extends all the way in to the executive class.”

Vorhies added he hopes his own whistleblower activities will “galvanize” others aware of the censorship practices, but too intimidated to speak out.

“And so the thing is that I felt that if I came forward that I would galvanize other people by paving a path of disclosure for these documents so that people can come forward and say their opinion without violating the NDA (non-disclosure agreement).”

In an interview with Project Veritas after going public, Vorhies expressed a similar wish to see more Google whistle-blowers come forward and expose the company’s bias.

“My message to those that are on the fence is I released the documents. They can go in, they can see everything that Google is doing and then they can see the scale of it. Because I think that there’s a lot of engineers that have a hint that things are wrong, but they don’t understand the colossal scale that it’s at. And so for those people, I say, look at the documents, take the pulse of America, see what’s happening and come and tell the world you know what you already know to be true.”

Elswhere in the interview, Vorhies discussed how Google took down Jordan Peterson, how the company purposely broke its search engine “to take down targets they want to take out,” and how the company is already meddling in the 2020 presidential election.

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