In a coordinated attack on the growing influence of alternative media, various news outlets, spearheaded by White House front group Media Matters, are falsely blaming Alex Jones and Infowars for yesterday’s shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

These outlets are using the flawed logic of collectively blaming others for the crimes of lone individuals, which we constantly see when gun owners are blamed for the actions of mass murderers.

They are also suggesting that the suspected Las Vegas shooters, Jerad and Amanda Miller, represented everyone in the liberty movement, but a post on Planet Infowars reportedly written by one of the shooters reveals that several libertarians did not agree with his viewpoints.

In the post from 2012, a Planet Infowars user by the name of Jerad revealed that he was convicted of a felony marijuana charge in Indiana and was afraid that local police would raid his house with excessive force as they had already done to his friend who was given the wrong court date.

He asked forum members if it was ever appropriate for him to “make a stand” if law enforcement tried to raid his house.

“Dude, that’s exactly how they want you to think so you make a statistic of yourself and another example supporting DHS’s [Homeland Security] absurd ‘you might be a terrorist if’ shtick,” one user responded. “It is heartbreaking but it is not yet time to be thinking these thoughts. Abide a while; you are more useful as a voice than as a dead lion.”

Another poster told him to move on with his life.

“You broke a law that you didn’t like,” he replied. “Is the law wrong? Probably, but it doesn’t make the law unconstitutional.”

“Pay the fine, do the time, move on from this mistake. You can recover from this.”

“Your life is not over; your reputation can be rebuilt,” he added. “It is going to take time and hard work.”

Unfortunately the suspected shooter did not take the advice from these Planet Infowars users.

And although it’s pretty obvious that libertarians and constitutionalists did not agree with Jerad’s sentiments, the establishment media is still trying to falsely paint everyone in the liberty movement, including Infowars, as responsible for the Las Vegas shooting. stated that Jerad Miller was an “Infowars guy” because he posted to Planet Infowars, but considering that Miller also posted his rants to Facebook, wouldn’t that make him a “Facebook guy” as well?

Blaming Infowars for Miller’s posts to Planet Infowars is no different than blaming Facebook for the posts users make on the social media site.

White House front group Media Matters also published an article today that was little more than a hit piece intended to blame Infowars for the Millers’ violent act, using the same logic as blaming firearms – not shooters – for violent crimes.

But with that reasoning, we should also hold all police officers responsible for Christopher Dorner’s mass rampage last year after he became angry with law enforcement over his alleged mistreatment by the Los Angeles Police Department.

And despite the fact that Jerad Miller had over 80 “Likes” on his Facebook page, including a wide variety of libertarian public figures and organizations, Media Matters only targeted Jones and Matt Drudge, a fact of which highlights its true agenda: to take down alternative media.

Media Matters is simply taking advantage of this tragedy to further its agenda of targeting “alternative on-line outlets” as part of its 2013 plan to expand its influence on public opinion in coordination with the Obama administration.

“According to its strategic plan for the next three years, a copy of which was provided to The Huffington Post, Media Matters envisions shifting its focus to new, increasingly influential targets, including Spanish-language media, social media streams, alternative online outlets and morning and entertainment sources,” Huffington Post correspondent Amanda Terkel wrote.

And Media Matters’ latest hit piece against Infowars is simply another salvo in the establishment’s ongoing war against the alternative media.

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