The White House described Project Veritas’ CNN leaks as “so cool,” the investigative group said.

“The White House just called to say that the CNN audio we just released ‘is so cool,'” PV announced on its Facebook page.

CNN, which President Trump recently described as “very fake news,” has long been opposed to the anti-establishment sentiment growing in the US for the past several years which culminated in the election of Trump.

Project Veritas has uploaded at least 119 hours of audio files recorded by an anonymous source at CNN around 2009.

Due to the sheer volume of the leaks, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is enlisting the Internet’s help to comb through the audio to find juicy bits highlighting CNN’s lack of objectivity in news reporting and extreme bias.

So far, crowdsourcing threads on Reddit and 4Chan have popped up to analyze the tapes, and citizen journalists are encouraged to join the efforts.

Despite the apparent age of the tapes, they may reveal CNN’s transition from news reporting to pure political propaganda over the past several years.

CNN is now one of the top cable outlets attacking President Trump – and the network has shed ethical standards to do so.

For example, CNN’s Don Lemon “interviewed” his former cameraman at an Trump protest, misleading the audience into believing the man was a legitimate Trump protestor.

More recently, CNN was caught publishing erotic Trump fan fiction as real news as part of the controversy now known as “Peegate.”

In response to the constant attacks, President Trump downgraded CNN from “fake news” to “very fake news” when the network attempted to smear him at a Feb. 16 press conference.

O’Keefe is also offering a bounty for anyone who brings him evidence of “corruption, malfeasance and wrongdoing” in a mainstream media newsroom, such as intentional fact distortion or false editing.

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