A White House petition demanding President Trump to grant Tommy Robinson political asylum has been opened in an effort to rescue the journalist from the U.K.

The government of the United Kingdom is protecting convicted Muslim grooming gangs while brazenly endangering Robinson’s life, says petition creator K.E.

“When Mr. Robinson exposed these gangs of Muslim rapists of underage English girls, the court put him in a prison with a high Muslim population, where an attempt on his life was made,” reads the petition. “When he was arrested and confined a second time, the court again placed him in a prison with a high Muslim population, and when public outrage ensued, placed him in solitary confinement for periods far exceeding legal and ethical standards.”

Tommy Robinson was jailed Thursday for committing journalism last week when he filmed outside a courthouse saying things that were public knowledge.

Watch Tommy appeal to President Trump for asylum in the video below where he says “there’s no future for him in the UK.”

The petition is an attempt to get Trump to invoke the United States Refugee Act of 1980, which provides for the resettlement of persons subject to persecution in their homelands where persons are likely to face persecution for their “political opinion.”


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