Matt Wilstein
April 4, 2013

During a conversation with POLITICO’s Mike Allen Wednesday, White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer criticized what he sees as the media’s “Pavlovian response” to controversial links posted on conservative news aggregator The Drudge Report. Pfeiffer also argued that the site actively “hurts” the White House’s efforts to convey their message “on a daily basis.”

During POLITICO’s Playbook Breakfast, Allen asked Pfeiffer why The Drudge Report appears to “drive the conversation” when it comes to White House politics. “It’s not that it drives our conversation in our world. I’m fairly ambivalent to what Drudge puts up on a daily basis,” Pfeiffer said responded. “This is less true now than it was before, but there’s a Pavlovian response from, you know, some media outlets.” He believes that only reason why reporters ask him certain questions is because they saw something on Drudge.

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