‘Axis of Evil’ author David Frum Responds to Questions With Physical Assault and Obscene Language

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | April 28, 2008

A member of We Are Change L.A. was assaulted and cursed at by former White House speech writer David Frum during a book signing, according to reports.

Frum– a neo-con policy maker who is often credited with coining the phrase ‘Axis of Evil’– allegedly lost his temper when he recognized Stewart Howe, of We Are Change L.A., from a previous book signing. Howe approached Frum to ask a question when Frum became angry, and then violent, reports indicate.

Frum told Howe, "The one thing I regret from our last conversation is that I didn’t say to you what my friend Christopher Hitchens said… which is, you should fuck off." [expletive is reportedly a direct quote]

According to Howe, David Frum then got up from behind the book signing table and swung at Stewart and his camera while he was phrasing a question about the unraveling 9/11 cover-up and potential criminal charges.

Frum could be the first of former Bush Administration officials to actually get violent with reporters, though a number of mainstream media outlets have called for violence against 9/11 truthers, and at least one Bush supporter physically attacked a truther last week.

David Frum was quoted as saying, "Turn off the camera. Go away!" as he smacked the camera during the book signing event.

Howe replied "I will not go away. I will not turn off the camera. We are in public. Are you worried, perhaps, about the criminal liability of being a partner to mass murder after the fact? You know that is a real concern because the truth is coming out."

Reportedly, David Frum swung repeatedly at the camera during this statement before members of event security separated him from Howe and sent him back to his seat. Moments later, Frum got up from his seat to assault Howe for a second time after over-hearing a discussion with the security guard regarding ‘the neo-con agenda laid out in PNAC documents.’

David Frum allegedly tried to break the camera while Howe announced to the recording that "he’s assaulting me, and I have it on film."

Frum then said, "I don’t want to be on your camera." Stewart Howe responded, "We’re in public. I’ve just been assaulted by David Frum on film."

Security escorted the We Are Change L.A. reporter from the event on grounds that he was obstructing the book signing, though the guard agreed that Howe had a right to free speech and that Frum had assaulted him.

Members of the book signing staff objected that he was holding up the line. Howe objected that no one was in-line and that he had asked the question in a civil and polite manner.

Members of We Are Change L.A. tried to clarify the incident with David Frum during an event the following day (April 27th) where reporters say Frum again became upset and battered their cameras.

Two members of We Are Change in New York were recently assaulted for asking a question during a Laura Bush speaking event. Gary Talis was falsely charged with 3rd degree Assault and framed in the NY Post as having attacked a girl in a wheelchair despite the fact that witnesses on the scene say that it was actually the girl’s father who had provoked the fight with Talis and even used his disabled daughter ‘as a weapon.’

Multiple neo-con blogs then called for violence to be carried out against Talis, despite the fact that the NY Post account contradicted the police report.

The response of provocation and violence has been entirely unilateral on the part of neo-conservatives and their supporters– an unfortunate response to the peaceful activism of We Are Change and other 9/11 truth groups that have proved effective at holding members of the establishment accountable.

The use of violence to combat peaceful activism was first called for in talking points from the mainstream media and is now being put into action by neo-con thugs everywhere to intimidate and challenge those trying to expose the truth.

Howe is considering pressing charges against the former Bush Administration speech writer in relation to assault/battery on the basis of video evidence and security eyewitnesses.



HOWE: Here he is– the man the myth, the legend– David Frum.

FRUM: The one thing I regret from our last conversation is that I didn’t say to you what my friend Christopher Hitchens said.

HOWE: What, you’re friend said which type of medication? (apparently referring to a previous incident)

FRUM: No, no, — which is, you should fuck off.

HOWE: Oh, okay .. alright… Well, I guess we kind of saw that one coming — but gosh you got me back on my heels here. Let me then pose you an A or B question very civilly– A) do you think you think that this hoax which is the 9/11 investigation is going to keep on going

(Frum gets up from table approximately 5 ft. away)

HOWE (cont’d): could you perhaps see that there will be culpability fears

(Frum now approaching Howe from around camera– reaching for camera lens, swatting)

FRUM: Turn off the camera. (smacks it) Go away! [Hit camera]

(Frum walks away.)

HOWE: I will not go away. I will not turn off the camera. We are in public. Are you worried, perhaps, about the criminal liability?

(Howe turns to avoid Frum swinging, hits camera)

HOWE (cont’d): Of being a partner to mass murder after the fact. You know that is a real concern because the truth is coming out.

FRUM: Go away–

(An older woman wearing an ‘event staff’ shirt gets between the altercation)

EVENT STAFF: I’m going to have to ask you to leave; (Frum walks away)

HOWE: I’m being polite; I’m asking him a question. It’s my first amendment right as a citizen.

EVENT STAFF: But not in this context .

HOWE: And he’s too scared to address the question. Look at him running away. As the truth continues to come out, Mr. Frum, there are going to be criminal charges against all of those who are complicit in mass murder after the fact because of the cover-up. And you know that’s very real possibility.

You should be scared. You should be unwilling to address this, you know. Because when it all comes out there are going to be a lot of people held responsible for the deaths. I mean, you must be a little concerned about that.You know the house of cards is falling apart. The 9/11 commission report is a joke.

SOMEONE IN CROWD : If you want to ask him a question, buy a book

HOWE: I’m asking a question. There’s no one in line.

(Security walks up).

HOWE: I’m asking a question

SECURITY: What’s going on here?

BOOKSIGNING STAFF : The author is signing for the people who’ve made purchases. (There is no one actually in line.) And we don’t know the validity of him being press.

(muffled audio)

HOWE: No, I have not made a purchase

WOMAN: He’s crowding me in line

HOWE: But there’s nobody in line

HOWE: I’M actually with WeAreChange LA media and I’m asking a civil, polite question. IF the 911 investigation continues to fall apart and the facts come out, if he’s worried about being held liable as a co-conspirator in cover-up after the fact.

SECURITY: I see what you’re saying. it’s a reasonable question. We just don’t want anyone creating an obstruction.

HOWE: As you can see, there’s nobody in line to get books signed.

SECURITY: I know, I understand, but you’re making people uncomfortable

HOWE: Yeah, well, it’s not my intention to be irritating, but it is an irritating question– the situation of the murders in Iraq and the murders on 9/11 were irritating beyond irritating.

HOWE:And Mr. Frum is a neo-conservative; they have spelled out their agenda– (Frum gets up from table) –in the PNAC docs and he must have to run away rather than face a simple question.

(Frum again lunges at Howe, swings at camera.)

HOWE: Now He’s assaulting me. And I have it on film.

FRUM: I don’t want to be on your camera.

HOWE: We’re in public. I’ve just been assaulted by David Frum on film.

(Security guard witnesses this.)

SECURITY: You need to take a walk with me this way.

HOWE: And the grounds would be?

SECURITY: I’m just trying to save you some trouble.

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