White House spokesman Hogan Gidley dismissed allegations his colleague Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted a doctored video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta in order to justify the indefinite suspension of his press credentials.

Eric Bolling interviewed Gidley on the White House lawn for his CRTV show America, and asked him about allegations that the video — which shows the confrontation between Acosta and a White House intern — was a doctored one taken from an editor for conspiracy website Infowars.

“I can’t speak to the origin of the video except to say, I know where it started — it started right in that room over there where everyone saw it,” Gidley said. “It doesn’t matter who puts it up, who posts it, it doesn’t matter the speed at which the video is seen, it doesn’t matter the angle.”

“The question is, at the core of this, and this is why Jim Acosta lost his credential, did he touch her or not?” Gidley asked. “The video is clear, he did.”

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