The Trump administration will host a social media summit on July 11 amid the damning new evidence that Google is actively planning to interfere in the 2020 election as well as other evidence that Big Tech is actively censoring conservatives.

The White House says it will host “digital leaders” of various social media platforms during the meeting.

President Trump has also said “we should be suing Google and Facebook and perhaps we will” during a Fox Business interview on Wednesday.

He also blasted the social media platforms for “trying to rig the election,” comments of which came on the heels of the explosive video published by Project Veritas in which a Google executive talks on hidden camera about “preventing the next Trump situation” in 2020.

The video also showcases documents leaked by a Google whistleblower who explains how the search giant manipulates search results to promote its preferred political narrative.

The executive responded by declaring it was a “casual chat.”

Also watch Alex Jones cover this and more:

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