A black police officer was confronted by a white UCLA student during a Ferguson-inspired protest last week and lectured on racism.

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The officer, who grew up in the South during segregation, was repeatedly told that he did not understand the complexities of racism by an irate female protester.

“I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, OK? Where the restrooms had ‘colored only’ and ‘whites only,'” the officer explained. “I couldn’t ride in the front of the bus. My mom had to sit in the back with all of us. So, I grew up in the Deep South when I was 16-years-old, so I know racism, OK? I can spot it.”

Despite the officer’s personal and historical experience with real hatred, the female protester continued to refute his understanding, arguing that the officer was wrong for claiming that all races could be racist.

“I think everyone is capable of discrimination. Racism is different. Racism is a structure of power… to keep you down!” the student shouted. “You are a black man! You are kept down by your race even if you won’t accept it! It is a fact of your life!”

Although the political left has attempted to change the definition of racism to fit their politically correct worldview, the actual definition remains the same: “Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.”

Ironically, as the officer pointed out the protester’s hypocrisy in labeling all cops as violent, the female student quickly changed the subject.

“I’m talking about your race, the color of your skin…” the student said. “You’re a black man! You will never reach the same pinnacle as a white man in this system because you are black!”

Not to be outdone, the student continued her tolerant tirade by verbally attacking the officer for helping young students of all races in his spare time.

“So, I should go to a school and volunteer and tell all the African-American students, ‘I want to help you out,’ but all the others, the Asians, the Hispanic kids, not help them out?” The officer asked. “That’s wrong! C’mon!”

These are America’s “progressives.”

H/T: Joshua Riddle

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