White men are dying in America. Not just your ordinary 40-55 mortality deaths, but something special, ominous and predictable which is a prelude for something much, much worse if we do nothing.

Let me be clear: no death of a person in his/her prime is acceptable.  But statistically, white men in America were better fed, better protected and better tended to than other groups and tended, therefore, to have a lower mortality rate than other groups of similar age.

No longer.  And the use to which this statistic may be put may change your life, shorten it or simply kill you or the children you care about.

In order to “protect us all”, I predict that drugs will be added to our water and vaccinations and other dangerous measures will be forced upon us without any semblance of Informed Consent.  You can, frankly, see (and smell) it coming miles away.

coffin bearers

The Wall Street Journal broke the news on November 3, 2015 [1]:  for white men in America, the quintessential group of privilege, a century of increased life span is coming to an end, with, for the first time, with, for the first time a decline in longevity shortening the white male life expectancy more each year.  Men 45 to 55 years-old are now showing a decades-long decline in longevity. Every year during the past decade and a half, since 2000, this group has experienceda one percent per year increase in mortality.

This is momentous and very disturbing news. For the first time in American history, one age cohort, white males heading into their fifth decade, cannot expect to live longer than their parents. This should shock you. While other age groups, older and younger, do not yet show a similar pattern, I predict they will. In fact, the next younger cohort has leveled off in longevity increase. I predict they will now start to decline.


The World Health Organization has already predicted that children born in or after 2000 will statistically be outlived by their parents.  They have also predicted that these same children will have a 50% chance of contracting cancer and either surviving it or succumbing to it by their 18thbirthday.
But the affected cohorts are not yet old enough to show the effect and it is only a prediction based on statistical modeling (and the wishful hopes of depopulationist policy makers, of course).

This is different.  These white American males have been increasing their death rates in anaccelerating line for the last 15 years. I predict that very soon, we will be informed that our water and food is being used as a vehicle to add drugs to prevent suicide in this cohort. When they start the forced psychiatric drugging of water and food, that will change your life and your children’s.  Mark my words,  it is coming if we do nothing.

First, let’s examine the alleged causes (and note the use of the word, “alleged”, please) of this dramatic, marked degradation of life span for this group.  WSJ hints at the truth: “suicide, alcohol abuse, drug overdoses and chronic liver diseases largely drove the rise….” [Emphasis added – General Bert]

Other media reports focusing on the same data cite the increasing availability of certain psychiatric drugs since 1999, the year before the sudden sharp acceleration of death.  These are drugs that Dr. Rima continually warns against anyone using.  She notes that these drugs have “side effects” such as suicide and liver damage.

By the time these men reach the “death belt age” on their longevity charts, far more than half of them are taking drugs for psychiatric purposes, cholesterol lowering, blood sugar regulation, blood pressure control and more.  It is well known that psychiatric drugs enhance and stimulate suicidal and homicidal thoughts and feelings and, worse, acts — so one of the causes of death is clearly linked to this common, and entirely unnecessary, pharmaceutical intervention.


Emotional suffering should not be ignored.  But what psychiatrists like Dr. Rima and other Advanced Health Care practitioners understand well is that there are safe, natural and effective means of enhancing emotional and mental well-being without the use of dangerous, addictive and brain-damage-inducing drugs.

These drugs are specifically known to damage the Cytochrome P450 enzyme detoxification system in the liver, our principle organ of detoxification.  When that complex and vital system is damaged, not only are the drugs not eliminated properly, elevating their effective concentration dangerously as the body cannot rid itself of the chemicals by breaking them down (while the patient continues to take the drugs obediently) but the stress on the liver is enormous, leading to damage to the organ itself.  Liver failure is listed as one of the principle causes of increased mortality in this age group.

p450-cytochromeCytochrome P450


Similarly, many of these men are taking drugs to lower [perfectly normal] cholesterol levels, understood by biochemists and Advance Medicine practitioners to be up to 230, but lowered to a bizarre and dangerous statistical “normal” of 100 created to sell drugs.  People with total cholesterol lower than 150 are at known risk for suicide, depression, fatal accidents and a host of other potential causes of death to say nothing of heart disease, erectile dysfunction, Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.

That makes great sense, of course, when you consider that cholesterol is the literal building block of a host of hormones and of 50% of the volume of the brain itself.

The statin drugs cause depression/suicidality, and also suppress immune, liver and kidney function, causing stress and damage so the liver will, of course, be likely to show damage and fail.


Although most people are not aware of it, there is virtually nothing known about the impact of multiple drugs taken at the same time by a patient.  Yet polypharmacy (many drugs) is the rule, not the exception and is shockingly, carelessly and, I contend, lethally combined with dangerous vaccines and other environmental and medical assaults, killing white men in America – and everyone else.


Similarly, blood sugar regulating drugs are disastrous in their long and short term biological, immunological, hepatic and renal impact.   Diabetes is an auto immune disorder precipitated by insults like drugs such as those taken by men in this age group in huge numbers. Additional, and equally serious insults like vaccines, radiation (diabetes is a well-known side effect of radiation therapy, by the way) and other dangerous technologies pushed upon us without our Informed Consent are poisoning our ability to detoxify ourselves and, quite literally, killing us.

We know that infants and children succumb to the biological burden of combined vaccines, becoming autistic, asthmatic, arthritic, inattentive, diabetic and otherwise seriously damaged.  Is it really so surprising that adults, specifically men between 40-55, are also succumbing to a continual onslaught of assaults supplied by the medical profession first and foremost permitted by careless, dishonest and corrupt regulators who allow the contamination of our foods with horrifyingly dangerous cancer and other disease-causing chemicals and genetic modification, the impact of which is largely unknown but, where understood, is nothing short of disastrous?

I have labeled these technologies “Genomicidal” that is, technologies intended, yes, INTENDED, to eliminate us through a direct assault on our genome, our DNA itself. My considered opinion is that the “Genomicidal Technologies” [prescription drugs, vaccines, nuclear power, GMOs, geoengineering, environmental toxins, microwave radiation] are the root cause of the now evident population collapse being observed in many sectors and, for the first time, in a specific US age and race cohort.

These men – fathers, husbands, brothers, bosses, employees, entrepreneurs, neighbors, priests, rabbis, truck drivers, college professors, sons, friends – are dying from Genome Disruption Syndrome – and so are you and your children. See: www.GDStherapy.com.


As I pointed out in my recent eBook, “An Elite at War with the World: The Great Culling Has Begun“[2]

“The intended outcome of this war is what we have been informed is referred to by these elite as ‘The Great Culling’ — the depopulationist elite’s explicit, generations-in-development and well-articulated plan to reduce the human population to a half billion people, roughly what it was before the modern era. Yes, the elite intend to return to the pre-industrial feudal world where, except for the elite, life was brutish and short. Their explicit aim is, as they put it, to usher in a Neo Feudal Order with themselves as the Neo-Aristocrats.”


You must understand that what we now see happening to the 40 and 50-somethings will soon be obviously happening to us all. For example, the horrendous increase in vaccine-caused autism has been accompanied by a tremendous increase in infant mortality.

When you consider that recommended vaccinations on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) schedule are converted into mandates by both pediatricians who deceitfully tell parents that the vaccines are “required” and by crony-corrupt State legislatures who take that option upon themselves (regardless of the lack of either logic or health promoted by such public policy) those numbers make dreadful sense.

It is no accident that the United States, with the most aggressive “recommended” infant vaccination schedule, also has the highest infant mortality for the first day of life, the first year of life and the first five years of life, of all the “advanced” nations.


That horrific level of infant mortality is higher than dozens of NON first world nations as well.

Add to the increased mortality of the very young and the middle aged the use of the “Glasgow Protocol” which allows doctors to make cost-containing Pull-the-Plug decisions without the consent or participation of either patients or families to speed the deaths of the “useless eater” elderly and you can see the imminent population collapse actually appearing in the statistics that even the cover-up artists at the CDC can no longer hide. Hence the Wall Street Journal report.

The accelerating population crash of white men in America in the prime of their life is only the first such group crash.

To me, these are clearly iatrogenic (doctor-caused) deaths for which the regulatory corporate cronies and the medical establishment must be held accountable.  Medical professionals are deeply complicit in these Crimes Against Humanity [3] since they are well schooled in biochemistry and pathology and, were they not so slavishly obedient to the wishes of their pharmaceutical masters, would ask questions on behalf of their patients rather than lavishing them with toxic drugs and vaccines as if they could possibly induce anything but more problems up to, and including, death.


They would also direct them to safe, effective, non-toxic health strategies like herbs, nutrients, nano silver, CBD, frequency therapies and so forth and unhesitatingly recommend that they avoid any vaccinations like the plagues-inducers that they are.

You’ve been warned. Now, what will you do about it? Will you continue to fill prescriptions and take vaccines because you are told to comply?  Will you allow yourself and your family to become members of the next population collapse group?

I am proud to be a Founder and to serve as the President of the Natural Solutions Foundation which has become the world’s most impactful and largest organization of its type.  As we say, “Solutions” is our middle name. What Solutions does Natural Solutions Foundation have for you? Simple: you must act now; putting off the Action Steps you need to take is no longer possible if you wish to avoid the fate being prepared for you by the depopulationists.


By the way, they reaffirmed their intentions on September 25-27, 2015 when they announced the unthinkable plans for depopulation and enslavement contained in Agenda 2030, perhaps the most dystopian document ever released to the general public.  They released it as a done deal of a plan for the planet.


We’ll be working together to un-done-deal it!

Here are the basic and essential steps you need to take now for yourself and your family:

[1] Protect and Assert Your Right to Informed Consent

You already have a legally protected right to a vaccine exemption no matter where you live in any country which is a member of the Geneva Conventions [4] IF, and only if, you assert that right correctly.  I invite you to join me and become a Vaccine Refuser proudly carrying the Advance Vaccine Directive card, which Dr. Rima calls the “Embodiment of Vaccine Resistance” – available here: www.DrRimaTruthReports.com/AdvanceVaccineDirective.

With the Advance Vaccine Directive card you can refuse any vaccine or, if vaccinated against your expressed wish, will have serious grounds for malpractice and assault charges against those who violated your Informed Consent.

Note, however, every member of your family requires his/her own card in order to be protected.

[2] Protect and Build Your Immunity With Effective, Natural Tools

Nano Silver 10 PPM: www.NSFmarketplace.com

CBDs: www.DrRimaTruthReports.com/CBD-availability

Seed Nutrition: www.DrRimaTruthReports.com/dr-rima-recommends-soul-core-and-form


[3] Inform and Direct Decision Makers

Tell decision makers to support our already legally protected Informed Consent Rights:http://tinyurl.com/InformedConsentPetition

Those three simple steps are followed by a 4th: Support the Natural Solutions Foundation with a generous recurring donation so that we can continue to support your health and freedom:www.DrRimaTruthReports.com/Donate.

Spread the word asking everyone you can reach to enter their email address at www.DrRimaTruthReports.com and Like us on Facebook:/NaturalSolutionsFoundation so that we can rapidly spread information and strategies that support your health and your freedom.

What is our objective?

It’s not about us. It’s about YOU so that you and your loved ones live long, healthy and free lives.

That’s why we are working to defeat the globalist depopulationists!

It’s up to us, you and me!

Yours in health and freedom,

General Bert


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[2] http://drrimatruthreports.com/general-berts-ebook/an-elite-at-war-with-the-world-final/

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