LOUISVILLE, Ky. — This year’s recently-concluded White Privilege Conference in Louisville, Ky. featured a workshop promoting lesson plans designed to teach children as young as kindergarten about “genderqueer,” “gender-fluid” and “transgender folks.”

The workshop, entitled “‘Your skin is too brown’: Taking Action to Address White Privilege in the K-5 Classroom.” occurred on the closing day of the conference, which was held at a posh downtown hotel.

Despite the workshop name, a very low percentage of the workshop was actually dedicated to skin color. Instead, workshop presenters Johanna Eager and Tarah Fleming focused overwhelmingly on how to lecture elementary school-aged children about gay, lesbian and transgender issues.

The workshop presenters described the political problem they wish to combat as “identity-based bullying and how it plays out in the classroom with regard to power, oppression and privilege.”

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